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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  Christus Victor!

 Christus Victor! by Art Katz

Topic: Cross Of Christ
Scripture(s): Acts 19:15  
Description: Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil, and it was what was demonstrated at the Cross that is His triumph over the whole demonic realm. The early church had this perspective, and it needs to be ours at the end, for surely that same demonstration will be required. We need to see the spiritual realm as the apostles and Jesus saw it. The reality of the spiritual realm is the same as it was 2000 years ago.
Sermon Comments (6)

 Powerful Revelation 
Surely what is lacking in the church is the need to see the proper view of the spiritual realm. The demonic realm is very real and potent and we must believe the reality of such things.

This is a great revelation of the Demonic realm we all need to be aware of the spirit realm and that the church is not fighting against flesh and blood. We need more teaching like this

 Absolutely Brilliant! 
This brother needs to be heard by more Christians. His message is thoroughly biblical, fresh and challenging. This particular message is rooted in the cross of Christ and shows the only way to push back the powers of the air - through a demonstration of the manifold wisdom of God in the church to the enemy. The forces of evil need to be reminded of their defeat by Christ at Calvary. Once we have died to self, we have nothing else to lose and can live in real freedom. However, we should not shirk the suffering that may cme our way as a result. Katz also touches on the fact of the world (and some in the church) pursuing pleasure. The principalities and powers use threats, intimidation, fear and violence. We see this all around us today, surely? HGHLY RECOMMENDED. DOWNLOAD IT AND PASS IT AROUND!

 no content 
My friend R.Shook sent me here, but the file is 0 bytes and there is no sound. Must be due to overwhelming demand.

 Ountstanding Message 
Everyone who calls themselves a Christian should hear this message.

 Christus victor 
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