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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  Human, all to Human

 Human, all to Human by Art Katz

Topic: Reality In Christian Life
Scripture(s): Psalm 14  
Description: Are we giving evidence of a transcendent life to all who observe us? Is the reality of our Christian life moving others to jealousy? In our hearts, do we live as if there is no God - though we profess to be in the faith? Why then do we "walk as mere men"? Gleanings from Psalm 14.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Real Communion 
This was apparently a talk given to a group of men at a "breakfast" in Dunville,somewhere in Canada. With no holds barred, Art peels back the veneer of the typical Christian experience, and lays bare its emptiness and lifelessness. Why is there no passion, no Spirit in our churches today? Because we do not truly seek the Lord; we settle for a well-delivered sermon. Here Art Katz is not only the messenger, he is the demonstration of the message, in his practices, in his life. He urges the men to get up before the sun and seek life-changing communion with God. How many spend even an hour, really, in daily prayer? This is a convicting message for the Christian who seeks to know the Spirit of the truth. The Bible says the wise man seeks after the Lord. God longs to commune with those who truly seek after Him.

 Passion will attract them !!!! 
I have a Jewish friend that I love dearly...and he was amazed that I knew the "history" of the "holidays" they celebrate. As he listens to my excitement about God's intervention and how He is the same yesterday today and forever; at the same time boldly proclaiming Christ as the Son of God...he says to me: "I envy your Passion...this is more than a belief to you... this is your life." Thank you God that YOU show up in me, and my friend will one day know you!!! I have prayed wholeheartedly, with determined fervancy to see this man and his family come to know Jesus!!! It is not WHAT we say, as much as THAT we LIVE out in front of the Lost, what we KNOW to be TRUTH!!!

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