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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : John Murray :  Self-Denial and Discipleship

 Self-Denial and Discipleship by John Murray

Topic: Self Denial
Description: The gospel is free but is cheapened when the demands of discipleship are toned down; discipleship to Christ means abstaining from sin but it is a deception from the devil to make abstinence from innocent things a mark of consecration to Christ; self-denial is not only renunciation of sin but also a denial of our own selves; by reason of Adam's fall our own selves are so identified with sin that the first thing we have to be saved from is ourselves; taking up the cross means that we are not his disciples if we so prize our life that we will compromise his truth and glory; we are not his disciples if we do unethical things in order to keep our livelihood; it is better to die than to live at the expense of a guilty conscience.
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