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 (Daniel) Antiochus and Antichrist Revisited by David Guzik

Topic: Antichrist
Scripture(s): Daniel 10-11, Revelation 1:12-16  
Description: Daniel saw a great vision of a man clothed very much like the Lord Jesus at the start of Revelation. In this passage we read of an angel coming to Daniel to answer his prayer on the very day that Daniel lifted his hands up to the Lord God , yet this angel was resisted and hindered by demonic forces within the spirit realm, thus the answer didn't get through to Daniel till the 21st day, this is a great lesson in persistent and prevailing prayer as the answer would not have come to Daniel if he had given up on the 19th day, the angelic messenger was of course helped by Micheal who seems to have a protective role over the nation of Israel. In the prophetic vision that is revealed to Daniel the king of the north is the king of Syria and the king of the south the king of Egypt, historically these 2 kings were 2 of Alexander the greats generals which have been mentioned before, and Israel was caught inbetween their disputes, this was just before the reign of Antiochus, the antichristn of the Old Testament.
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