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 (Daniel) The 70 Weeks of Daniel by David Guzik

Topic: Seventy Weeks
Scripture(s): Daniel 9: 20-27, Nehemiah 2:1, Luke 19:37-40  
Description: After Daniels great intercession for the nation of Israel the angel Gabriel appears to him and tells him that he is about to be shown a great prophecy. This is amazingly characteristic of the abundance with which the Lord gives to His people, Daniel has been asking the Lord to show mercy to the nation of Israel yet the Lord does that and more, He answers Daniel's prayer but goes so much further. Gabriel reveals to Daniel that there will be a period of 490 years that will concern the Jews and particularly the city of Jerusalem. The prophecy began to be fulfilled in 445BC at the decree of Cyrus to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. 483 Jewish years (360 days) later was the exact that the Lord Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey, but as predicted the Messiah was executed and the temple destoyed. So we await the fulfillment of Daniels 70th week, when the Antichrist will confirm a covenant with the jews, his people destroyed the temple and Jerusalem before he even came to the world, many believe he will probably be European.
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