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 (Daniel) Daniel the Intercessor by David Guzik

Topic: Intercession
Scripture(s): Daniel 9:1-19, Jeremiah 25:11-13, Jeremiah 29:10  
Description: Daniel 9 is one of the most incredible prophecies in the whole of the Bible because of it's accuracy in fulfillment, Daniel in this passge is reading his Bible, specifically Jeremiah, he reads about how the people of Israel will go into captivity for 70 years and realises he is living in the fullfilment of that prophecy, Daniel believed the Bible literally and thus the 70 years he read about in the book of Jeremiah he believed was 70 years in reality. Daniel is moved by what he reads and begins to intercede for the his people, he prays that the Lord would take this 70 years from the first move into captivity in 605BC and not 597BC. Daniel was the 'chief of staff' for Babylon and still had time to pray in this incredible way, he set his face to seek the Lord and begn to repent for the sins of Israel and he begged the Lord to turn away His anger from His people and for the sake of His own righteousness restore His people. The Lord answered Daniel's prayer.
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