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 Canadian Christian Heritage Under Fire #4 - New Evangelicalism Denounced by Ian Goligher

Scripture(s): Matthew 13:24  
Description: The tares of New Evangelicalism have been sown while churches slept. The father of Neo- Orthodoxy was Karl Barth a Swiss theologian, who having rebounded from outright liberalism became the hope of many Evangelicals. Instead, he was the pied piper who led them to their destruction. In this message you will learn that the existentialism of Neo-Orthodoxy has led to a play-dough religion. While orthodoxy stands rock solid on the truth that is timeless, New Evangelicals have fallen headlong into the sinking sands of subjectivism. Learn how Barthianism ruined so many denominations and promising evangelicals. Learn why Canada's voice for Orthodoxy has been all but silenced. Again we ask, Where are the preachers? This message will tell us why.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Not great 
The preacher clearly doesn't understand Karl Barth, and I'm sure hasn't read him - thus misrepresents him poorly. Give this uninformed and unbalanced sermon a miss.

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