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 Voices In The Coming Storm by Carter Conlon

Topic: Storms
Scripture(s): Isaiah 24:10  
Description: Carter starts this message out at Isaiah 24:10 where the word speaks of a hard time that is to come. He uses this verse then different verses\ with the disciples in boats during storms to show the need of having to learn a lesson of faith. In this message Carter shows how God allows his people to go through hard times so that they later are able to trust the Lord in the situations that they will go through in the future. Paul’s life was also used in a parallel to the disciples to show how God uses trials to mold the people of God. His points are that there is a coming storm that God will allow and it is those people that learn trust in the current trials that they are going through that will be used in this future storm. The people who will be used in the future storm are the man or woman of God that can say {I believe God} when the storm is happening.
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