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 The Menace of the Religious Movie (reading) by A.W. Tozer

Topic: Religious Movie
Scripture(s): Matthew 23:15  
Description: This is a reading, by Howard Douglas King, of an article taken from A. W. Tozer's book, 'Worship and Entertainment'. Tozer, in keeping with the historic Christian stance on the theater, condemns the religious movie, giving the following seven reasons: 1. It violates the scriptural law of hearing. 2. The religious movie embodies the mischievous notion that religion is, or can be made, a form of entertainment. 3. The religious movie is a menace to true religion because it embodies acting, a violation of sincerity. 4. They who present the gospel movie owe it to the public to give biblical authority for their act: and this they have not done. 5. God has ordained four methods only by which Truth shall prevail -- and the religious movie is not one of them. 6. The religious movie is out of harmony with the whole spirit of the Scriptures and contrary to the mood of true godliness. 7. I am against the religious movie because of the harmful effect upon everyone associated with it.
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