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 God Given Intuition by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Intuition
Scripture(s): 1 John 5:20  
Description: You do not have to go around telling people to do this and not that for if they're truly saved they will know the Lord and do the right for He writes His law in the heart of His children. We read in Acts how the early Christians were all of one heart and mind (Acts 4:32). If you have this sixth sense you cannot fight among yourselves but are one with God's children. You feel the same about different matters. You will even see things in the same way. But it's a pity that very often among Christians there is disunity because some are still holding on to their sin and own way. Sin darkens your understanding. God gives this sixth sense to His children that they aim at the same thing, they see things in the same way.
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