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 Environment or Genetics by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

Topic: Fatalism
Description: In this discussion Dr. Smith analyzes the mode of genetics where one comes to understand the concept of latent genetics. He shows how environment will optimize genetics to the fullest extent of the genes latent capacities. He directly relates this to the environment of the family, emphasizing how an unhealthy environment for a child will hinder his/her genetic capacity throughout life. We need to have our hearts plowed and prepared for eternal truths, too much stimulation upon our hearts, newspapers, television, and the like, wears pathways across our heart-soil. The seed of the word will be cast upon hardened soil if we do not take the time to quietly see our hearts and lives plowed up by the quite time with the Lord. Another way to till the soil is fellowship with believers. Our spiritual environment needs to be such that the seed can grow in health.
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