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 (Godly Home) Part 25 - Joining the Next Generation by Denny Kenaston

Topic: Godly Home Series
Scripture(s): Proverbs 5:18-19, Genesis 1:18-22, Malachi 2:15  
Description: Denny Kenaston gives five crucial reasons why parents must get involved with their children's choice of a marriage partner: false Christians, high divorce rate, powerful emotions, compatibility issues, and the rewards of a happy marriage. Brother Denny also shares from the first marriage in the Garden of Eden why both physical and emotional virginity are so vital to safeguard, as well as some practical advice to some "touchy issues" such as sensuous clothes, flirting and "the dating game".
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 Malachi #1: An Introduction by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Malachi 1-4  
Description: Ed Miller sets up the historical setting for the message of Malachi, showing how it is a message to a people who have had a history with God but hadn't heard from Him in a long time. Brother Ed points out some unique characteristics of this prophet and how his message is one of such a nature to cause us to cry, "Dig deep, O God, and know my heart." (This series of messages was given in the spring of 2003 to a men's retreat in Easton, Maryland.)
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 55. What is forbidden in the third commandment? by Westminster Shorter Catechism

Topic: Audio Books
Scripture(s): Malachi 2:2, Isaiah 5:12  
Description: nil
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 The Mark Of The Godly by Carter Conlon

Topic: Unity
Scripture(s): Malachi 4, Acts 15  
Description: Pastor Carter Conlon gives a message on unity in the body of Christ. How God blesses when the older seeks to show mercy and hope to the younger. He leads us through the journey of the Apostle Paul who embraced the Apostle Mark in mercy and fatherhood in the gospel. This gives us a wonderful way forward in our day that we need each other in the body of Christ.
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