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Hannah Roberts, Evan

Hannah Roberts, Evan

Description: The captive must be made to understand every point of deliverance. Just as God told the prophet, ¬ďCause the people to know their sin,¬Ē so the captive must be made to see his deception, and to do his part until he reaches final deliverance. It is also important to remember that the captive must not be solely occupied in fighting out to liberty from his bondage, but he should endeavour to express his spirit life to the utmost. The deceiver will endeavour to show that the captive¬ís spiritual life and work has nothing whatsoever to do with his real spiritual condition, but that it is wholly due to possession, whereas the possessed may have a pure spirit burden even in this state. That which is the outcome of the spiritual life the enemy endeavours to smother and disregard, by entangling it with the deception and possession which the believer may find himself to be in at the same time, while on the other hand the deception and possession will, if possible, be covered by its being attributed to the spirit life.

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