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Hannah Roberts, Evan

Hannah Roberts, Evan

Description: A picture of Hannah Roberts, Evan's Mother. At times the deliverer needs to retire to the background, although the captive seems to fall a prey to the enemy. But the retirement should be most carefully made, and according to the Divine indications, for which he should carefully watch. The deliverer’s substitutionary protective work is withdrawn in this way, in order to throw the captive on his own resources, (*At these times there is less unity between the captive and the deliverer, because the captive becomes bewildered as to what he is to do.) because ultimately he must fight for himself and should pray and toil for the whole Church. The sooner this is developed in the captive the more efficient he becomes in the warfare. He went into bondage by believing that God did things instead of him. The initiation for his deliverance is taken up by others, who have to pray, think, remember, and work for him. But just as the evil substitutionary work of the demons must pass away, so also will the temporary work on his behalf for deliverance pass away.

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