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singing sisters

singing sisters

Description: This picture is of the "singing sisters" who accompanied Evan Roberts as he ministered. There is a violation of law which brings physical weakness; a violation of law which brings intellectual weakness; a violation of law which brings spiritual weakness. DIVINE LAWS ARE NO RESPECTERS OF PERSON. They only smile on those who respect them; a frown only for the transgressor. Violated and transgressed law will have its revenge. Human laws may sometimes be violated and the transgressor escape unpunished. But this cannot, and never does, happen concerning divine laws. When violated the man may be unseen by human eyes, but the law is never asleep, and will immediately chain the transgressor to her prison, and keep him there until he has made full recompense, to the uttermost farthing; not the round sum, but the exact and precise sum. Not unto poverty, but unto satisfaction. Not until the man be penniless, but unto uttermost propitiation. SIN MAY BE COVERED FROM MAN, BUT NOT FROM LAW.

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