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Description: Llanddowror the town where Evan Roberts preached in the welsh revival of 1904. Note how David became weak before Nathan¬ís charge: ¬ďThou art the man.¬Ē David¬ís previous and just judgment on the unnamed criminal fell back heavily upon himself. Sin is a weakening factor ¬ó then get rid of sin, and let it not reign; and cast off the works of darkness. In fact, get rid of all that morally weakens you. There is moral strength; there is physical strength. The man of Belial can never be a leader of men; his courage is rage, bordering on madness, and is over-full of folly. The just alone can stand in the place of the righteous. Sin weakens you, because it brings all the power of God and of goodness against you. Israel could not stand before the men of Ai because of sin in the camp. Then ¬ďBe Strong¬Ē BY NOT BEING WEAK. Remove all that makes you weak; remove all that hinders you being strong. Cain¬ís moral strength was weakened by the acceptance of Abel¬ís offering. The strong became weak through sin.

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