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Lectures to Students images 02

Lectures to Students images 02

Description: Drawing from history (both sacred and secular), biography, literature, mythology, the developing sciences, and current events, Spurgeon consistently showed himself a master at turning the ears of his massive congregation into eyes that saw the truths their pastor so passionately believed and proclaimed. To read a sermon of Spurgeon is to enter a room full of the finest furniture and decorations. But (unlike so many Reformed sermons that may have similar or even better such ¬ďcontent¬Ē), these rooms are well illuminated by windows large and small that dot the entire space allowing the full range of spiritual light to enter in. Through this all important aspect of Spurgeon¬ís sermons one can truly see the truths of grace, feel the warmth of the Gospel, and experience the healing effects of Christ, the sun of righteousness (Mal. 4:2). This, I am convinced, is the ¬ďsecret¬Ē of the success and influence of Spurgeon¬ís sermons in his own day, and the key to their enduring quality over a century after they were delivered. Like his Master, Spurgeon so spoke that ¬ďthe common people heard him gladly¬Ē (Mark 6:37). We do well to learn from one who can help us in this area that is hardly known as a strength of our preaching.

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