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C.H. Spurgeon 3

C.H. Spurgeon 3

Description: In one year alone (1856) his sermon titles included ¬ďDivine Sovereignty,¬Ē ¬ďGod¬ís Omniscience,¬Ē ¬ďUnimpeachable Justice,¬Ē and ¬ďThe Majesty of God¬ís Voice.¬Ē Over the course of his ministry he preached over 150 sermons specifically on the person of Jesus Christ and some aspect of His work. Never embarrassed about his Calvinistic convictions (much to the embarrassment of many later Baptists who claim Spurgeon as their own!), Spurgeon preached messages specifically on every head of the so-called ¬ďFive Points of Calvinism,¬Ē and frequently rose to the ardent defense and proclamation of those truths in other sermons. Indeed, his sermons on ¬ďElection¬Ē and ¬ďElection No Discouragement to Seeking Souls¬Ē have been frequently reprinted because of their excellence in presenting the historic Calvinistic teaching. Spurgeon, most surely, would have held no sympathies for the contemporary idea that doctrine is ¬ďstrong meat¬Ē and ought to be taught in specialized Bible studies (if at all), but surely not in the pulpit (and never on a Sunday morning when visitors will be present!). Nor would Spurgeon give an ear to the superficial observation that the Christian life is more important than Christian doctrine. ¬ďThose who do away with Christian doctrine are the worst enemies of Christian religion,¬Ē he declared.

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