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Spurgeon Photo

Spurgeon Photo

Description: Mr. Spurgeon's theology all centered in Christ. It was his never-ceasing note about Christ that gave the great preacher's message universal and abiding power. His sermons are remarkably void of anything peculiar to time, place, circumstance, or condition. His preaching, like the preaching of Jesus, was for all ages, times, and conditions. It is this fact which makes his sermons as profitable in America, or in Europe, or in Africa, or in the Orient as in England. Take any one of his thousands of printed sermons, read it carefully, and I dare to affirm that the truth of such sermon, mind you — the truth of it — would have been just as pertinent and appropriate 100 years hence, as it is this hour. His preaching is founded on the fundamental facts of man's nature, and it is ever addressed to man's spiritual condition. Just as the whole message of Jesus bears upon the supreme purpose for which he came into the world — that is, to save his people from their sins — even so, the never-ceasing spiritual appeal in Mr. Spurgeon's preaching gives it universality of appeal. It is no wonder that a little boy asked his mother why Mr. Spurgeon kept preaching to him. Mr. Spurgeon believed with his whole being in the divine authority, the divine sufficiency, and the divine finality of Christ's gospel.

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