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C.H. Spurgeon 12

C.H. Spurgeon 12

Description: Spurgeon is known best as ¬ďThe Prince of Preachers.¬Ē Not only did Spurgeon preach to thousands each week, attracting the largest congregations of any minister in the British Isles, but his printed sermons (known as ¬ďthe penny pulpit¬Ē), issued each week and then appearing in annual volumes for over 40 years, have had the greatest circulation of any printed sermons in history. These sermons, totaling 3,561, fill 63 volumes, some of which extend to 700 pages! They are rightly said to comprise a ¬ďBody of Divinity¬Ē within themselves. F. B. Meyer reflects the assessment of many a minister whose preaching tutelage has come by reading these sermons: ¬ďI can never tell my indebtedness to them. As I read them week by week in my young manhood, they gave me a grip of the Gospel that I can never lose, and gave me an ideal of its presentation in nervous, transparent, and forcible language which has coloured (sic) my entire ministry.¬Ē

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