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Commentary On Psalms Volume 4 by Jean Calvin

Psalm 104:16-18

16. The trees of Jehovah shall be satiated; the cedars of Lebanon, which he hath planted; 17. For there the birds build their nests: the stork, whose dwelling is the fir trees.18. The high mountains are for the deer and the rocks are a place of shelter for the hedgehogs.

16. The trees of Jehovah shall be satiated The Psalmist again treats of God's general providence in cherishing all the parts of the world. In the first place, he asserts, that by the watering of which he had spoken the trees are satiated, or filled with sap, that thus flourishing they may be a place of abode to the birds. He next declares, that the wild deer and conies have also their places of shelter, to show that no part of the world is forgotten by Him, who is the best of fathers, and that no creature is excluded from his care. The transition which the prophet makes from men to trees is as if he had said, It is not to be wondered at, if God so bountifully nourishes men who are created after his own image, since he does not grudge to extend his care even to trees. By the trees of the Lord, is meant those which are high and of surpassing beauty; for God's blessing is more conspicuous in them. It seems scarcely possible for any juice of the earth to reach so great a height, and yet they renew their foliage every year.

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