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Baxters Second Innings by Henry Drummond

Baxter's Second Innings

(Extract from the Athletic Column - Weekly Chronicle)

|. . . . BUT the feature of the match was the play of young Baxter who made such an unfortunate spill last Saturday. It was clear that he meant to retrieve himself in the Second Innings for he was in such form -- at least after the first over -- that the Bowler could make nothing of him. He began by blocking every ball in a dogged sort of way, but soon started scoring, running up threes and fours in rapid succession. After an unusually brilliant drive for six, he seemed to become over-confident, and made a narrow escape by cutting a ball he ought to have blocked, but with this exception he did not offer a chance, and was well up the score-list before time was called for lunch

|After luncheon the Bowler changed to slows, and the batsman, who showed weakness here, had certainly a hard time to keep his wicket. But eventually he mastered the situation, and from playing a merely defensive game began to knock the ball about right and left and was into three figures almost immediately. Baxter kept up this form to the close, and after one of the most careful and brilliant innings we have seen, carried his bat for the top score of the season. Our reporter, unfortunately, was not present afterwards in the Pavilion, but we understand the usual ceremony was duly performed and the Captain, in a congratulatory speech, presented the lion of the hour with the traditional cricket-bat.|

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