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Baxters Second Innings by Henry Drummond


I THINK the best thing I can do, if I must make a Preface, is to print this letter from Baxter's small brother to another boy:

Dear Charlie,

Would you believe it? some fellow's written a Book about Fred! I think he's in an awful wax. N.B. The Book's a swindle. Except the story of a Castle (and one about a soldier or something) it's all yarn. I've not read it. What a licking we gave the Junior Pelican! I made 13, but they bowl frightful sneaks. Please tell Whitemouse to send me the crib to Caesar instanter.

Yours ever,


P.S. -- Don't cut me for sending that book about Fred. I had to. And for any sake don't open it till Sunday.

P.P.S. -- Monday. I've read it. It gets awfully serious some places. By the way, tell Whitemouse never to mind that crib just now.


|To acquire all round proficiency, I am strongly convinced that constant practice and sound coaching have all to do with it.|

W. G. GRACE, Cricket, p.221.

|I do not sympathise with the batsman who plays only to keep up his wicket and does not try to hit, but I do sympathise with those who, not possessing great hitting power, keep adding quietly, though slowly, to the score as best they can.|

The Same, p.222.

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