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Smiths Bible Dictionary by Roswell D. Hitchcock

Letter Y

The notice of yarn is contained in an extremely obscure passage in (1 Kings 10:28; 2 Chronicles 1:16) The Hebrew Received Text is questionable. Gesenius gives the sense of |number| as applying equally to the merchants and the horses: |A band of the king's merchants bought a drove (of horses) at a price.|

the highest ordinary division of time. Two years were known to, and apparently used by, the Hebrews.

+ A year of 360 days appears to have been in use in Noah's time. + The year used by the Hebrews from the time of the exodus may: be said to have been then instituted, since a current month, Abib, on the 14th day of which the first Passover was kept, was t Year Of Jubilee
[[1307]Jubilee, The Year Of, YEAR OF]

Year, Sabbatical
[[1308]Sabbatical Year YEAR]


+ A well-known implement of husbandry, frequently used metaphorically for subjection, e.g. (1 Kings 12:4,9-11; Isaiah 9:4; Jeremiah 5:5) hence an |iron yoke| represents an unusually galling bondage. (28:48; Jeremiah 28:13)
+ A pair of oxen, so termed a

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