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Hymns Of The Apostolic Church by John Brownlie

O God, most good, forget me not--

tr., John Brownlie

Christos mou dunamis.
At the Departure of a Soul


O God, most good, forget me not --

Nor from Thy servant turn away --

Who to the night of death hast brought

My fearful soul this awful day.


Hear Thou my prayer, O God of grace,

Who every penitent receives;

From memory let my tears efface,

The sin for which my spirit grieves.


O ye, my kinsfolk, brethren, friends,

Your weeping mingle with mine own;

My soul the dire behest attends,

And wings its flight from earth alone.


Now none can save, and nought can aid:

Be Thou mine aid, O Christ my God,

Lest I for evermore be laid,

Beneath the all-avenging rod.

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