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Hymns Of The Apostolic Church by John Brownlie

anephereto eis ton ouranon.

tr., John Brownlie


A Love divine, exceeding broad,

Shines glorious from the throne of God,

Where Christ above all power is set,

Who rose to reign from Olivet.


A mercy great to sinners brought,

Exceeding far man's kindest thought,

Wide as the hope to mortals given,

Springs from that love enthroned in heaven.


Far as the need of man extends,

The grace of Christ our life attends;

For love enthroned can ne'er forget

The tears and joys of Olivet.


And mercy still the love obeys

That ever loved, and loves always,

And from the bliss of heaven descends

To seek the soul that love befriends.


O King of Life, Immortal One!

Thy grace extend to souls undone,

Nor on the throne of heaven forget

The tears and joys of Olivet.

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