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Hymns Of The Apostolic Church by John Brownlie

Glory to God, the promised day awakes,

tr., John Brownlie



Glory to God, the promised day awakes,

And light eternal on our darkness breaks.


Hail to the King, the King that comes to reign;

Burst are our bands, and we are free again.


He Who in shame the Cross of anguish bore,

Now lives to reign in glory evermore.


Death and the grave, and sin, have lost their sway;

Death is destroyed, and sin is borne away.


Hades' abode that lay in silent night,

Hailed with acclaim the dawning of the light.


Hail to the Christ, Who mounts His throne again;

Life is His gift unto the sons of men.


Thou art the Christ, Eternal Christ art Thou;

We rise with Thee to life immortal now.

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