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Hymns Of The Apostolic Church by John Brownlie

See, from the eastern hills, the morn

tr., John Brownlie


See, from the eastern hills, the morn

Its glowing shafts unsparing flings;

And to a waking world are borne

The light and joy that morning brings:

O God of love, to Thee we raise

Our early song of gladsome praise.


There, on the flower-bespangled sod,

The petals open to the sun;

And feathered songsters sing to God,

And hail the cheerful day begun:

With theirs, our early songs unite,

To praise our God Who gives the light.


Morn of a better day, we sing

Thy praise, O Christ, Whose wondrous grace

Can brightness to our darkness bring,

And scatter night before Thy face:

Now let our morning praise arise,

A glad accepted sacrifice.


O let our life a morning know, --

The promise of a better day;

And set our night-chilled hearts aglow,

And fill them with Thy joy, we pray:

Then shall our praise to Thee arise,

A glad accepted sacrifice.


Sun of our life, O Christ, art Thou;

No clouds depress when Thou art near;

Come with Thy radiant beauty now,

And let that morn of joy appear:

Glad shall our songs of praise arise

When morn is shining in our skies.

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