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Hymns Of The Apostolic Church by John Brownlie


tr., John Brownlie

Kurie ho Theos hemon, hou to kratos aneikaston,

kai he doxa akataleptos, hou to eleos ametreton, kai he philanthropia aphatos·


Our highest thought of God is vain;

Whate'er of knowledge we may know,

Our darkened minds but darker grow,

We ne'er can to the light attain.


Beyond the mountain tops that rise,

Still higher altitudes appear;

Climb as we may, we come not near

The peaks that pierce the azure skies.


Beyond the farthest stretch of mind,

The wisdom of our God extends;

We touch the love that never ends,

And only know that it is kind.


We cannot gaze upon the sun,

Save through the mists from earth that rise;

God's glory only meets our eyes

When veiled in the Incarnate One.


Yea, none but God His love can know,

Nor can The Christ that love express;

The gift is ever something less,

Than is the love the gift would show.


Our minds, our hearts, our spirits fail

In all our searching God to find;

We only know that He is kind,

And nought that knowledge can assail.


No soul can rise to God, alone,

The height divine we cannot reach;

Do Thou, O Christ, our blindness teach,

Until we know as we are known.

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