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Commentary On Revelation by E.W. Bullinger


There can be no question as to the meaning of this expression. The (...) (rhomphaia) a sharp or two-edged sword, is four times attributed to the Lord in this prophecy, viz., i.16; ii.12,16; xix.15,21. And in each case it has to do with slaying and not with speaking; with deeds and not with words.

It is |the captain of the Lord's host| come with his sword (Josh. v.13). It is the sword of Jehovah come to execute His judgments (Isa. xxxiv.6); and with which He will plead with His people (Is. lxvi.16). It is the sword referred to under other titles (Isa. xi.4 and 2 Thess. ii.8), with which, at His coming in judgment, He will destroy the Man of Sin, the Lawless one.

the sword is no priestly weapon; nor can it have any relation to or connection with the Church of God in any aspect whatsoever: for grace characterises all relations between |Christ and His Church.|

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