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Origens Commentary On The Gospel Of John by Origen

31. Christ as Teacher and Master.

It is plain to all how our Lord is a teacher and an interpreter for those who are striving towards godliness, and on the other hand a master of those servants who have the spirit of bondage to fear, who make progress and hasten towards wisdom, and are found worthy to possess it. For |the servant knoweth not what the master wills,| since he is no longer his master, but has become his friend. The Lord Himself teaches this, for He says to hearers who were still servants: |You call Me Master and Lord, and you say well, for so I am,| but in another passage, |I call you no longer servants, for the servant knoweth not what is the will of his master, but I call you friends,| because |you have continued with Me in all My temptations.| They, then, who live according to fear, which God exacts from those who are not good servants, as we read in Malachi, |If I am a Master, where is My fear?| are servants of a master who is called their Saviour.
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