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The Apology Of The Augsburg Confession by Philip Melanchthon

Title Page

The Apology of the Augsburg Confession

by Philip Melanchthon

Translated by F. Bente and W. H. T. Dau

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The Apology of the Augsburg Confession (1531)

Table of Contents

Philip Melanchthon's Introduction to the Apology Part One: On Articles I-II of the Augustana Part Two: On Articles III-IV of the Augustana Part Three: What is Justifying Faith? Part Four: That Faith in Christ Justifies Part Five: That We Obtain Remission of Sins by Faith Alone in Christ Part Six: On Article III: Love and the Fulfilling of the Law Part Seven: Reply to the Arguments of the Adversaries Part Eight: Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments... Part Nine: Second Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments... Part Ten: Third Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments... Part Eleven: Articles Seven and Eight of the Augustana Part Twelve: Article Nine of the Augustana Part Thirteen: Article Ten of the Augustana Part Fourteen: Article Eleven of the Augustana Part Fifteen: Article Twelve of the Augustana Part Sixteen: Article Six of the Augustana (Pt.1) Part Seventeen: Article Six of the Augustana (Pt.2) Part Eighteen: Article Seven of the Augustana Part Nineteen: Article Fourteen of the Augustana Part Twenty: Article Fifteen of the Augustana Part Twenty-One: Article Sixteen of the Augustana Part Twenty-Two: Article Seventeen of the Augustana Part Twenty-Three: Article Eighteen of the Augustana Part Twenty-Four: Article Nineteen of the Augustana Part Twenty-Five: Article Twenty of the Augustana Part Twenty-Six: Article Twenty-One of the Augustana Part Twenty-Seven: Article Twenty-Two of the Augustana Part Twenty-Eight: Article Twenty-Three of the Augustana Part Twenty-Nine: Article Twenty-Four of the Augustana Part Thirty: A Definition of the term |Sacrifice| Part Thirty-One: What the Fathers Thought About Sacrafice Part Thirty-Two: Of the Use of the Sacrament and Sacrifice Part Thirty-Three: Of the Term |Mass| Part Thirty-Four:Of the Mass for the Dead Part Thirty-Five: Of Monastic Vows Part Thirty-Six: Of Ecclesiatical Power Part Thirty-Seven: End



Philip Melanchthon Presents His Greeting to the Reader. Wherefore we believe that troubles and dangers for the glory of Christ and the good of the Church should be endured, and we are confident that this our fidelity to duty is approved of God, and we hope that the judgment of posterity concerning us will be more just.

For it is undeniable that many topics of Christian doctrine whose existence in the Church is of the greatest moment have been brought to view by our theologians and explained; in reference to which we are not disposed here to recount under what sort of opinions, and how dangerous, they formerly lay covered in the writings of the monks, canonists, and sophistical theologians. [This may have to be done later.]

We have the public testimonials of many good men, who give God thanks for this greatest blessing, namely, that concerning many necessary topics it has taught better things than are read everywhere in the books of our adversaries.

We shall commend our cause, therefore, to Christ, who some time will judge these controversies, and we beseech Him to look upon the afflicted and scattered churches, and to bring them back to godly and perpetual concord. [Therefore, if the known and clear truth is trodden under foot, we will resign this cause to God and Christ in heaven, who is the Father of orphans and the Judge of widows and of all the forsaken, who (as we certainly know) will judge and pass sentence upon this cause aright. Lord Jesus Christ, it is Thy holy Gospel, it is Thy cause; look Thou upon the many troubled hearts and consciences, and maintain and strengthen in Thy truth Thy churches and little flocks, who suffer anxiety and distress from the devil. Confound all hypocrisy and lies, and grant peace and unity, so that Thy glory may advance, and Thy kingdom, strong against all the gates of hell, may continually grow and increase.]

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