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Life Of Bunyan by James Hamilton


{1} Those who are interested in the historic parallels supplied by Christian biography, will find a similar instructive dream in the Life of General Burn, vol. i. pp.127-130.

{2} Ivimey's Life of Bunyan, pp.51-53.

{3} Remains, vol. iii. p.391.

{4} The other items contained in the book that this text comes from were: Jerusalem Sinner Saved; Pharisee and the Publican; The Trinity and the Christian; The Law and a Christian; Bunyan's Last Sermon; Bunyan's Dying Sayings and An Exhortation to Peace and Unity. All of them are available from Project Gutenberg -- DP.

{5} |Pascal was an exception. D'Aubigne, so far as writing in French makes a Frenchman, is another. Their works are full of fancy, but it is the fancy which gives to truth its wings. The rocket is charged, not with coloured sparks, but burning jewels.

{6} Here, again, exceptions occur, and the greatest of our Scottish preachers is a contradiction to the characteristic style of his country.

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