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The Sermons And Addresses At The Seabury Centenary by Various


At the close of these addresses Bishop Williams said:

You have now heard, my dear brethren, the report of the pilgrims whom you sent on a pilgrimage of love to that old city where our succession begins. Visible memorials of all that came together in Aberdeen in the first week of last month are before you or in your thoughts. There is the Mitre which tells you of the transmitted Episcopate; there hangs the Concordate which speaks to you of our Communion-office. Across the water they have received the holy Sacrament of the Body and the Blood from the Chalice and Paten which you sent, and standing here you see this Pastoral Staff -- gifts the interchange of which attests that the pledges and the gifts of that elder day are not forgotten, but live and will live while time shall last. The dear old Church of Scotland! How it has lived through trials deep and wearing and in the face of |dungeon, fire, and sword!|

They have kept this day which we are keeping now and here, in Aberdeen; they have kept it in London, in St. Paul's Cathedral, where the Primate of all England was the preacher. So has the triple, bond been -- I will not say knit again, but -- recognized anew. So be it forever! I will only add what I said in Aberdeen to the blessed Church of Scotland, having now in mind all the national Churches of the English succession, as they are all one in Christ: |Peace be within thy walls, and plenteousness within thy palaces. For my brethren and companions' sakes, I will wish thee prosperity. Yea, because of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek to do thee good.|

The Bishop then proceeded with the Communion-service, announcing that the offerings would be for the benefit of St. Thomas's Church, Hartford, a memorial to Bishop Brownell, of whom he said that the longer he lived the more he was impressed with the value to the diocese of the long and faithful episcopate of his revered predecessor. Bishop Williams was assisted in the service by the Bishop of Massachusetts. In consecrating the elements a paten and chalice were used which once belonged to Bishop Seabury and are now the property of the Berkeley Divinity School; and for the administration of the elements two patens were used which were left by Bishop Seabury to St. James's Church, New London. The Rev. Dr. Giesy of Norwich, and the Rev. Messrs. McCook, Buckingham, and Nichols assisted in the administration, a large number of clergy and laity receiving the Holy Sacrament. Bishop Williams gave the benediction, holding his pastoral staff. At the close of the service the clergy left the church, singing the old version of the first part of the ninetieth psalm, beginning |O God, our help in ages past.|

After the service the clergy were entertained by the Churchwomen of Hartford in the parish-rooms of Christ Church.

The following is a nearly complete list of the clergymen who were present:

From Connecticut: The Rt. Rev. the Bishop; The Rev. Messrs. C. G. Adams, Southport; H. A. Adams, Wethersfield; W. G. Andrews, Guilford; E. W. Babcock, New Haven; J. H. Barbour, Hartford; E. E. Beardsley, D.D., LL.D., New Haven; A. E. Beeman, Unionville; J. H. Betts, South Glastonbury; Prof. John Binney, Middletown; L. P. Bissell, Litchfield; C. W. Boylston, Greeneville; J. W. Bradin, Hartford; F. W. Brathwaite, Stamford; George Buck, North Haven; W. B. Buckingham, New London; W. H. Bulkley, Tashua; C. C. Camp, New Haven; H. S. Clapp, Norwalk; C. W. Colton, Pine Meadow; Prof. H. Ferguson, Hartford; J. H. Fitzgerald, Milford; T. B. Fogg, Brooklyn; Louis French, Darien; E. C. Gardiner, Naugatuck; Prof. F. Gardiner, D.D., Middletown; J. F. George, Thompsonville; J. H. George, Salisbury; Samuel Giesy, D.D., Norwich; Alfred Goldsborough, Yantic; J. B. Goodrich, Windsor; Francis Goodwin, Hartford; Prof. Samuel Hart, Hartford; J. E. Heald, Tariffville; S. J. Horton, D.D., Cheshire; J. T. Huntington, Hartford; J. W. Hyde, West Hartford; Prof. W. A. Johnson, Middletown; W. E. Johnson, Bristol; J. R. Lambert, Glastonbury; W. H. Larom, Stafford Springs; E. S. Lines, New Haven; T. D. Martin, Meriden; J. J. McCook, Hartford; W. H. Moreland, Hartford; W. F. Nichols, Hartford; J. L. Parks, Middletown; W. L. Peck, Windsor Locks; C. I. Potter, Stratford; A. T. Randall, Meriden; J. B. Robinson, Hazardville; J. H. Rogers, New Britain; J. L. Scott, Wallingford; S. O. Seymour, Hartford; Prest. G. W. Smith, D.D., Hartford; James Stoddard, Watertown; Jacob Streibert, West Haven; Henry Tarrant, Huntington; William Tatlock, D.D., Stamford; J. A. Ticknor, Collinsville; T. O. Tongue, Bloomfield; John Townsend, Middletown; R. H. Tuttle, Windsor; W. E. Vibbert, D.D., Fair Haven; Millidge Walker, East Bridgeport; J. H. Watson, Hartford; P. H. Whaley, Hartford; Elisha Whittlesey, Hartford; J. E. Wildman, Wallingford; C. E. Woodcock, New Haven.

From other dioceses: The Rt. Rev. Bishop Niles, New Hampshire; the Rt. Rev. Bishop Paddock, Massachusetts; the Rev. Messrs. G. F. Flichtner, Thomas Gallaudet, D.D., Joshua Kimber, G. S. Mallory, D.D., New York City; W. M. Chapin, Barrington, R. I.; F. B. Chetwood, Elizabeth, N. J.; G. B. Cooke, Petersburg, Va.; E. M. Gushee, Cambridge, Mass.; W. A, Holbrooke, L. I.; R. M. Kirby, Potsdam, N. Y.

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