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Touching Incidents And Remarkable Answers To Prayer by S. B. Shaw


|Come, Mamie, darling,| said Mrs. Peterson, |before you go into the land of dreams you will kneel at my knee and thank your heavenly Father for what he has given you today.|

Mamie came slowly towards her mother, and said, |I've been very naughty, and I can't pray, Mama.|

|If you've been naughty dear, that is the more reason that you need to pray.|

|But, Mama, I don't think God wants little girls to come to Him when they are naughty.|

|You are not naughty now, my dear, are you?|

|No, I am not naughty now.|

|Well, then come at once.|

|What shall I say to God about it, Mama?|

|You can tell God how very sorry you are.|

|What difference will that make?|

|When we have told God that we are sorry, and when he has forgiven us, then we are as happy as if we had not done wrong; but we cannot undo the mischief.|

|Then, Mama, I can never be quite as rich as if I had not had a naughty hour today.|

|Never, my dear; but the thought of your loss may help you to be more careful in the future, and we will ask God to keep you from sinning against him again.|

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