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The Church And The Empire by D. J. Medley

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THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL Brief Histories of Her Continuous Life

A series of eight volumes dealing with the history of the Christian Church from the beginning of the present day.

Edited by The Rev. W. H. Hutton, B.D. Fellow and Tutor of S. John's College, Oxford, and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Rochester

THE CHURCH OF THE APOSTLES. The Rev. Lonsdale Ragg, M.A., Vicar of the Tickencote, Rutlandshire, and Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral.

|Mr. Ragg has produced something far better than a mere text-book: the earlier chapters especially are particularly interesting reading. The whole book is well proportioned and scholarly, and gives the reader the benefit of wide reading of the latest authorities. The contrasted growth and fortunes of the Judaic Church of Jerusalem and the Church of the Gentiles are particularly clearly brought out.| -- Church Times.

|Written in a clear and interesting style, and summaries the early records of the growth of the Christian community during the first century.| -- Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette.

|A careful piece of work, which may be read with pleasure and profit.| -- Spectator.

THE CHURCH OF THE FATHERS. The Rev. Leighton Pullan, M.A., Fellow of St. John's College, and Theological Lecturer of St. John's and Oriel Colleges, Oxford.

|If we may forecast the merits of the series by Pullan's volume, we are prepared to give it an unhesitating welcome. We shall be surprised if this book does not supersede of the less interesting Church histories which have served as text-books for several generations of theological students.| -- Guardian.

|The student of this important period of Church history -- the formative period -- has here a clear narrative, packed with information drawn from authentic sources and elucidated with the most recent results of investigation. We do not know of any other work on Church history in which so much learned and accurate instruction is condensed into a comparative small space, but at the same time presented in the form of an interesting narrative. Alike the beginner and the advanced student will find Mr. Pullan a useful guide and companion.| -- Church Times.

THE CHURCH AND THE BARBARIANS. The Editor. 3s.6d. net.

|In so accomplished hands as Mr. Hutton's the result is an instructive and suggestive survey of the course of the Church's development throughout five hundred years, and almost as many countries and peoples, in Constantinople as well as among the Wends and Prussians, in Central Asia as well as in the Western Isles.| Review of Theology and Philosophy.

|The volume will be of great value as giving a bird's-eye view of the fascinating struggle of the Church with heathenism during those spacious centuries.| -- Church Times.

THE CHURCH AND THE EMPIRE.1003-1304. By D. J. Medley, M.A., Professor of History in the University of Glasgow. 4s.6d. net.

THE AGE OF SCHISM.1304-1503. By Herbert Bruce, M.A., Professor of History in the University College, Cardiff.

|We commend the book as being fair in its judicial criticism, a great point where so thorny a subject as the Great Schism and its issues are discussed. The art of reading the times, whether ancient or modern, has descended from Mr. W. H. Hutton to his pupil.| Pall Mall Gazette.

|It is a great period for so small a book, but a master of his subject knows always what to leave out, and this volume covers the period in comfort.| -- Expository Times.

|Usually such an 'outline' is a bald and bloodless summary, but Mr. Bruce has written a narrative which is both readable and well-informed. We have pleasure in commending his interesting and scholarly work.| -- Glasgow Herald.


By the Rev. J. P. Whitney, B.D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History at King's College, London. 5s. net.

|A book on the Reformation as a whole, not only in England, but in Europe, has long been needed.... This present volume fills, therefore, a real want, for in it the Reformation is treated as a whole.... The value of the book is quite out of proportion to its size, and its importance will be appreciated by all those whose duty or inclination calls to study the Reformation.| -- Guardian.

|It is certainly a very full and excellent outline. There is scarcely a point in this momentous time in regard to which the student, and, indeed, the ordinary reader, will not find here very considerable help, as well as suggestive hints for further study.| -- Church Union Gazette.


By the Editor. 4s.6d. net.

|The period is a long one for so small a book, but Mr. Hutton has the gift not of condensing, which is not required, but of selecting the essential events and vividly characterizing them.| -- Expository Times.

|Mr. Hutton's past studies in Ecclesiastical History are sure to secure him a welcome in this new venture. There is a breadth of treatment, an accurate perspective, and a charitable spirit in all that he writes which make him a worthy associate of Creighton and Stubbs in the great field of history.| -- Aberdeen Journal.


By the Rev. Leighton Pullan, M.A. [In preparation.]

London: Rivingtons

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