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The Spirit-filled Life by John MacNeil


We come now to the practical side of our subject. Surely the unprejudiced reader, if he has not already |received the Holy Ghost,| has at least come to the conclusion that there is such a blessing mentioned in the New Testament, and lying in God's Treasury, Jesus Christ, for all New Testament believers, and therefore for him -- for me. Until it dawns on one's consciousness that there is such a blessing as |being filled with the Spirit,| it is not likely that he will trouble about seeking it, and therefore will never obtain it. In all fairness these terms which we have just been considering -- |Filled,| |Baptized,| |Rivers,| etc. -- mean something. There is some blessing represented by the terms, some substance at the back of the shadows. God the Holy Ghost knows what that blessing is. |Have I got that?| Is there anything in my life and experience to correspond with that? Now comes the question, |How am I to get it?| The Bible answer may be summarily comprehended in three words -- CLEANSE, CONSECRATE, CLAIM.

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