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The Spirit-filled Life by John MacNeil


Reader, are you a B. A.? This little book is only for those who possess that degree from the King's College. If you are not |Born Again,| please put it aside, for this is our starting point in considering the Fullness of the Spirit as the birthright of every believer. If you have not been born again you have no right by birth to this, the chiefest of New Testament blessings. Your first concern is to become one of the children of God, and then you may enquire as to your inheritance. If you are born again, ask that you may read with the anointed eye and with an unprejudiced mind, for the amount of prejudice that exists against this subject is saddening in the extreme. In nothing that he ever wrote does John Bunyan's masterful genius flash forth more clearly than when, in |The Holy War,| he places that old churl, Mr. Prejudice, with sixty deaf men under him, as warder of Eargate. Nothing that even Emmanuel may say can reach Mansoul while Prejudice and his deaf men keep that gate. |There is nothing about this in the Standards of our Church.| |I have not met with this truth in my favorite authors.| |It is quite new to me, and I never will believe it,| etc., etc. These and such like, are illustrations one meets with of how well Prejudice keeps his ward! In the name of the Lord let us displace him, and determine to give what of God's truth may be set forth in the following pages a fair field, no favor being asked for. Deep-rooted prejudice is one of the causes of the appalling spiritual poverty that abounds -- yes, appalling when we consider the treasures within our reach!

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