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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

595. C. M. Anonymous. The Morning.

1 We wait in faith, in prayer we wait,
Until the happy hour
When God shall ope the morning gate,
By His almighty power.

2 We wait in faith, and turn our face
To where the day-light springs;
Till He shall come earth's gloom to chase,
With healing on His wings.

3 And even now, amid the gray,
The East is brightening fast,
And kindling to that perfect day
Which never shall be past.

4 We wait in faith, we wait in prayer,
Till that blest day shall shine,
When earth shall fruits of Eden bear,
And all, O God, be Thine!

5 O, guide us till our night is done!
Until, from shore to shore,
Thou, Lord, our everlasting sun,
Art shining evermore!

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