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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

586. P. M. Anonymous. Peace Everywhere.

1 Nature hath seasons of repose;
Her slumbering clouds and quiet sky;
And many a bright-faced stream that flows
Forever noiselessly.

2 The stormy winds are hushed to rest,
And hang self-poised upon their wings;
And nursed on mother nature's breast,
Flowers lie like sleeping things.

3 The ocean, that in mountains ran,
Spreads boundlessly without a wave;
And is it only said of man,
His peace is in the grave?

4 Oh! for the coming of the end,
The last long Sabbath-day of time,
When peace from heaven shall descend,
Like light, on every clime.

5 For men in ships far off at sea
Shall hear the happy nations raise
The song of peace and liberty,
And overflowing praise.

6 Mankind shall be one brotherhood;
One human soul shall fill the earth,
And God shall say, |The world is good
As when I gave it birth.|

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