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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

507. L. M. Anonymous. Hymn of a Household.

1 For mercies past we praise Thee, Lord,
The fruits of earth, the hopes of heaven,
Thy helping arm, Thy guiding word,
And answered prayers, and sins forgiven.

2 Whene'er we tread on danger's height,
Or walk temptation's slippery way,
Be still, to lead our steps aright,
Thy word our guide, Thine arm our stay!

3 Be ours Thy blessed presence still;
United hearts, unchanging love;
No thought that contradicts Thy will,
No wish that centres not above!

4 And since we must be parted here,
Support us when the hour shall come;
Dry gently Thou the mourner's tear,
Rejoin us in our heavenly home.

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