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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

473. L. M. J. Richardson. One in Christ.

1 From Zion's holy hill there rose
A fount divine, that ever flows;
Heaven's smile is on its waters shed,
By heaven's own dews the fount is fed.

2 That stream of Truth -- a silver thread,
Scarce known, save by its fountain-head --
Now onward pours, a mighty flood,
And fills the new-formed world with good.

3 Where'er that living fountain flows,
New life its healing wave bestows,
And man, from sin's corruptions free,
Inspires with its own purity.

4 A spirit, breathed from Zion's hill,
In holy hearts is living still, --
That Comforter from heaven above,
The presence of celestial love.

5 O, may this spirit ever be
Our bond of peace and unity!
Thus shall we teach, as Christ began,
Through love, the brotherhood of man.

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