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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

452. 7s. M. Grant. The Garden of Gethsemane.

1 Jesus, while he dwelt below,
As divine historians say,
To a place would often go,
Near to Kedron's brook that lay:
In this place he loved to be,
And 'twas named Gethsemane.

2 'Twas a garden, as we read,
At the foot of Olivet,
Low and proper to be made
The Redeemer's lone retreat:
When from noise he would be free,
Then he sought Gethsemane.

3 Thither, by their Master brought,
His disciples likewise came;
There the heavenly truths he taught
Often set their hearts on flame:
Therefore they, as well as he,
Visited Gethsemane.

4 Oft conversing here they sat;
Or might join with Christ in prayer;
O, what blest devotion that,
When the Lord himself is there!
All things there did so agree
To endear Gethsemane.

5 Full of love to man's lost race,
On the conflict much he thought;
This he knew the destined place,
And he loved the sacred spot:
Therefore Jesus chose to be
Often in Gethsemane.

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