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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

447. L. M. L. E. Landon. Feed My Lambs!

1 While yet the youthful spirit bears
The image of its God within,
And uneffaced that beauty wears,
Which may too soon be stained by sin;

2 Then is the time for faith and love
To take in charge their precious care, --
Teach the young heart to look above,
Teach the young lips to speak in prayer.

3 The world will come with care and crime,
And tempt too oft that heart astray;
Still the seed sown in early time
Shall not be wholly cast away.

4 The infant prayer, the infant hymn,
Within the darkened soul will rise,
When age's weary eye is dim,
And the grave's shadow round us lies.

5 The infant hymn is heard again,
The infant prayer is breathed once more;
Reclasping thus the broken chain,
We turn to all we loved before.

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