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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

431. P. M. Mrs. Southey. The Mariner's Hymn.

1 Launch thy bark, mariner!
Christian, God speed thee!
Let loose the rudder bands,
Good angels lead thee!
Set thy sails warily,
Tempests will come;
Steer thy course steadily,
Christian, steer home!

2 Look to the weather bow,
Breakers are round thee;
Let fall thy plummet now,
Shallows may ground thee.
Reef in thy foresail there;
Hold the helm fast;
So, -- let the vessel wear, --
By swept the blast.

3 Slacken no sail yet, at
Inlet or island;
Straight for the beacon steer, --
Straight for the highland;
Crowd all the canvass on,
Cut through the foam; --
Christian! cast anchor now;
Heaven is thy home!

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