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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

369. L. M. *Wordsworth. Sunset Hymn.

1 Up to the throne of God is borne
The voice of praise at early morn,
And He accepts the reverent hymn
Sung as the light of day grows dim.

2 Look up to heaven! the obedient sun
Already through his course hath run;
He cannot halt or go astray,
But our immortal spirits may.

3 Lord, since his rising in the east,
If we have faltered or transgressed,
Guide, from Thy love's abundant source,
What yet remains of this day's course.

4 Help with Thy grace, through all life's day,
Our upward and our downward way;
And glorify for us the west,
When we shall sink into our rest.

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