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Book Of Hymns For Public And Private Devotion by Various

278. P. M. Whittier. Patience.

1 Shall we grow weary in our watch,
And murmur at the long delay,
Impatient of our Father's time
And his appointed way?

2 O, oft a deeper test of faith
Than prison-cell, or martyr's stake,
The self-renouncing watchfulness
Of silent prayer may make.

3 We gird us bravely to rebuke
Our erring brother in the wrong;
And in the ear of pride and power
Our warning voice is strong.

4 Easier to smite with Peter's sword
Than watch one hour in humbling prayer;
Life's great things, like the Syrian lord,
Our hearts can do and dare:

5 But, O, we shrink from Jordan's side,
From waters which alone can save;
And murmur for Abana's banks
And Pharpar's brighter wave.

6 O Thou, who in the garden's shade
Didst wake thy weary ones again,
Who slumbered at that fearful hour,
Forgetful of thy pain, --

7 Bend o'er us now, as over them,
And set our sleep-bound spirits free,
Nor leave us slumbering in the watch
Our souls should keep with thee!

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