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The Expositors Bible The Epistle To The Hebrews by Jonathan Edwards



Fourth Edition, 8vo, cloth, price 14s.


|The exposition, based throughout on the Greek text, surveys with minuteness the words, phrases, and construction, bringing out the sense specially and generally, tracing the apostle's arguments, and unfolding his views on the diversified subjects which the epistle embraces. Fulness of comment characterizes the work. Variations of the original text, grammar, syntax, usage of words, enter into the expositor's plan, as well as the doctrinal views of the sacred writer. We have been pleased to see so much good exposition from one who has used many sources with independence, and advanced far beyond any English commentator in correct explanation of the epistle.| -- Athenaeum.

|An important feature is the sketch given in the Introduction of the Commentaries on First Corinthians, from the earliest times to our own day. The Commentary itself is learned, clear, impartial, and based on an ample knowledge of preceding writers.| -- Academy.

|We refer to the truly masterly exposition of the history of interpretation from its beginning to our day in Edwards' introduction to his Commentary.... The author of this Commentary possesses high philological culture. The spirit and value of his exegesis will appear from the quotations which we shall not fail to make from his important work.| -- PROFESSOR GODET'S Introduction to his Commentary on First Corinthians.

|It is with the utmost satisfaction that we welcome the appearance of a commentator of the first class, whose work bears to be judged by the highest standard, if, indeed, it does not even raise the standard by which exegetical work is measured. Such books as this which we now receive from Principal Edwards, make room for themselves, and disclose unthought of possibilities of exposition. There is apparent a combination of gifts, any of which singly would make the fortune of a commentator. His knowledge of Greek, and familiarity with both classical and patristic literature, are worthy of one who professes himself the friend and pupil of Prof. Jowett. To the use of the highest linguistic authorities he has brought a fineness of grammatical and lexical discernment which enables him to criticise and sometimes to correct their judgments. But the great merit of the commentary is that the reader finds himself in contact with the mind of Paul, and not merely examining an old-world document. All is thought out beforehand, and compactly and vigorously expressed. It will be recognised as the work of a sound scholar, of a learned, earnest, and philosophical theologian, of a mind masculine and accomplished; and it will speedily take its place as the indispensable aid to the understanding of this part of Scripture.| -- Rev. MARCUS DODS, D.D., in Expositor.

|Of living commentators it is obviously not desirable for me to say more than to express my respectful recognition of labours that have been well bestowed, and work that has been well done. There are two English Commentaries, however, to which I may be permitted very briefly to refer, as I have received from both much that has reassured me in my own judgment in difficult passages, and much that has led me to test my results when I have not found myself in agreement with them. The works to which I refer are the singularly attractive Commentary of Canon Evans, and the full, careful, and comprehensive Commentary of Principal Edwards.| -- BISHOP ELLICOTT, in his Commentary on First Corinthians.




In the |Expositor's Bible| Series.

Seventh Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth 7s.6d.

|Mr. Moule has made a very careful study of Paul's great doctrinal Epistle, and has entered thoroughly into its spirit.| -- Scotsman.

|We do not hesitate to place it in the very front of the little group of volumes which are the best examples of this carefully edited work. It would be pleasant to linger upon this commentary, upon the clearness with which the great evangelical doctrines of the Epistle are explained and enforced, upon the earnestness of its personal appeal, and the charm which often marks its language; but the judicious student of the New Testament will obtain the book for himself.| -- Record.

|The spirit in which he expounds it, is beyond our
praise.| -- Spectator.


In the |Theological Educator| Series.

Nineteenth Thousand, 2s.6d.

|The author disclaims originality or exhaustiveness, but the work shews a certain originality of the expository skill with which the familiar doctrine is made clear, and it is so concisely written that a divinity student who had mastered its contents might be fairly well considered able to pass the examination for Orders. It is an admirable text-book, and enhances the value of the series in which it appears.| -- Scotsman.

|Marked throughout by the most careful and critical knowledge of Scriptures, more particularly of the New Testament, and the most patient weighing and comparison of parallel texts.... It forms an admirable introduction to the subject, and seems in intellectual power to even surpass any other of Mr. Moule's published writings.| -- Record.




Editor of |The Expositor,| etc.

THE RECORD says: --

|Few series of volumes gives us so much pleasure to review as the 'Expositor's Bible.' We never open a volume without expecting to find in it much that is inspiriting and much that is suggestive, and we are never disappointed. We have no hesitation in advising any Clergyman who is thinking of expounding a book of Scripture to his congregation to procure, as one of his most valuable aids, the right volume of the 'Expositor's Bible.'|

*Eighth and Final Series.*


In large crown 8vo, cloth. Subscription Price *28s.* Separate Vols., *7s.6d.* each.

*The Book of Daniel*

By the *Very Rev. F. W. FARRAR, D.D., F.R.S.*, Dean of Canterbury.

*The Book of Ezekiel*

By the *Rev. JOHN SKINNER, M.A.*, Professor of Old Testament Exegesis, Presbyterian College, London.

*The Book of Jeremiah* Chapters XXI.-LII.

By the *Rev. W. H. BENNETT, D.D.*, Professor of Old Testament Languages and Literature, Hackney and New Colleges.

*The Book of Deuteronomy*

By the *Rev. Professor ANDREW HARPER, B.D.*, Ormond College, Melbourne.

*The Song of Solomon and the Lamentations of Jeremiah*

By the *Rev. W. F. ADENEY, M.A.*, Professor of Exegesis, New College, London.

*The Minor Prophets*

By the *Rev. Professor GEORGE ADAM SMITH, D.D.* Author of |The Book of Isaiah,| |The Historical Geography of the Holy Land,| etc. In Two Volumes.


First Series.

Subscription Price, *24s.* Separate Volumes, *7s.6d.* each.

*The Gospel of St. Mark*

By the *Right Rev. G. A. CHADWICK, D.D.*, Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe.

|The exposition is original, full of life, striking, and relevant. He has given us the fruit of much careful thought, and all students of the New Testament and preachers of the Gospel will be grateful to him. This is, in short, an unusually good book.| -- British Weekly.

*The Epistles to the Colossians and Philemon*


|In nothing Dr. Maclaren has written is there more of beauty, of spiritual insight, or of brilliant elucidation of Scripture. Indeed, Dr. Maclaren is here at his best.| -- Expositor.

|It contains a wealth of thought for preachers.| -- Rock.

|Dr. Maclaren's exposition is remarkable for vigour and common sense. It is strongly written, and arranged with scholarly thoroughness.| -- Academy.

*The Book of Genesis*

By the *Rev. Prof. MARCUS DODS, D.D*.

|Every reader of cultured mind and delicate instinct will recognise with delight and admire the fine qualities of sympathetic insight, sensitive perception, ethical intuition, and religious tact.| -- The late PROF. W. G. ELMSLIE, M.A.

*The First Book of Samuel*

By the *Rev. Prof. W. G. BLAIKIE, D.D., LL.D.*

|Remarkably interesting and helpful. Very seldom have we met with a religious work which we can more confidently recommend for its thoughtfulness, fidelity, and kindly spirit.| -- Leeds Mercury.

*The Second Book of Samuel*

By the *Rev. Prof. W. G. BLAIKIE, D.D., LL.D*.

|There can be no doubt of the care and thoroughness with which Dr. Blaikie has executed his task. From his own point of view he has produced a solid and able piece of work.| -- Academy.

*The Epistle to the Hebrews*

By the *Rev. Principal T. C. EDWARDS, D.D.*, Author of |A Commentary on the First Epistle to the Corinthians.|

|He has entered into the spirit and purport of what truly he calls 'one of the greatest and most difficult books of the New Testament' with a systematic thoroughness and fairness which cannot be too highly commended.| -- Academy.

|There is abundant evidence of accurate scholarship, acute criticism, patient thought, and faculty of lucid exposition. However thoroughly any one has studied the Epistle here explained, he will certainly find in Dr. Edwards's volume fresh suggestions.| -- DR. MARCUS DODS.

Second Series.

Subscription Price, *24s.* Separate Volumes, *7s.6d.* each.

*The Epistle to the Galatians*

By the *Rev. Prof. G. G. FINDLAY, D.D.*, Headingley College, Leeds.

|In this volume we have the mature results of broad and accurate scholarship, exegetical tact, and a firm grasp of the great principles underlying the Gospel of Paul presented in a form so lucid and attractive that every thoughtful reader can enjoy it.| -- PROFESSOR BEET.

*The Book of Isaiah* Chapters I.-XXXIX.

By the *Rev. Prof. G. ADAM SMITH, M.A., D.D.*

|This is a very attractive book. Mr. George Adam Smith has evidently such a mastery of the scholarship of his subject that it would be a sheer impertinence for most scholars, even though tolerable Hebraists, to criticise his translations; and certainly it is not the intention of the present reviewer to attempt anything of the kind, to do which he is absolutely incompetent. All we desire is to let English readers know how very lucid, impressive -- and, indeed, how vivid -- a study of Isaiah is within their reach; the fault of the book, if it has a fault, being rather that it finds too many points of connection between Isaiah and our modern word, than that it finds too few. In other words, no one can say that the book is not full of life.| -- Spectator.

*The Pastoral Epistles*

By the *Rev. ALFRED PLUMMER, D.D.*, Master of University College, Durham.

|An admirable sample of what popular theology ought to be.| -- Saturday Review.

|The treatment is throughout scholarlike, lucid,
thoughtful.| -- Guardian.

*The First Epistle to the Corinthians*

By the *Rev. Prof. MARCUS DODS, D.D.*

|A clear, close, unaffected, unostentatious exposition, not verse by verse, but thought after thought, of this most interesting perhaps, and certainly most various, of all the Apostle's writings.| -- London Quarterly Review.

*The Epistles of St. John*

By the *Most Rev. W. ALEXANDER, D.D.*, Lord Archbishop of Armagh.

|These commentaries are explicitly intended to help the preacher, and in Dr. Alexander's 'Discourses' they will find material ready shaped to their hand -- not facts only, but imagery, references, and allusions, none of them cheap or commonplace, and some of them felicitous in a high degree.| -- Guardian.

*The Revelation of St. John*

By the *Rev. Prof. W. MILLIGAN, D.D.*, of the University of Aberdeen.

|Lucid, scholarly.| -- Academy.

|The style is admirably lucid, expressive, and withal stately. The task of the reader could not possibly be easier, and in the case of such an abstruse theme the result is no small feat of intellectual and literary ingenuity.| -- Aberdeen Free Press.

Third Series.

Subscription Price, *24s.* Separate Volumes, *7s.6d.* each.

*Judges and Ruth*

By the *Rev. R. A. WATSON, D.D.*

|This volume deals chiefly with a book considered by some one of the most difficult of expositions from a Christian point of view. While feeling this to be the case, the writer is able to deduce valuable instruction from the history by the only legitimate mode, that of remembering that the character and laws of God are essentially unchangeable, though the amount of their revelation must vary with the capacity of those who receive it.... The moralisings on the Book of Ruth are also most excellent, and just what are adapted to present circumstances.| -- Spectator.

*The Prophecies of Jeremiah*

*With a Sketch of his Life and Times.*

By the *Rev. C. J. BALL, M.A.*, Chaplain of Lincoln's Inn.

|Mr. Ball brings competent knowledge to his task.... A useful running commentary.| -- Saturday Review.

|It consists of an interesting and sympathetic delineation of the prophet's life and character, of a new translation, and of expository remarks, which are partly critical and partly homiletic. The critical portion will be prized most, as it exhibits deep learning, breadth of view, and clear insight into the prophet's meaning.| -- Manchester Examiner.

*The Book of Exodus*

By the *Right Rev. G. A. CHADWICK, D.D.*, Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe.

|Marked by sound exegesis, common sense, and a devotional spirit.| -- Record.

|Every part of the book is replete with instruction and interest, and a unity of thought and purpose pervades it all.| -- Glasgow Herald.

*The Gospel of St. Matthew*

By the *Rev. J. MONRO GIBSON, D.D.*, Author of |The Ages before Moses,| etc.

|A careful exposition in which one important part is not slightly dealt with while disproportionate space is given to another, but by studied economy of labour and space due care and labour are given to every part. The exposition is sober, reverent, and systematic; it is also enlightened and well informed.| -- London Quarterly Review.

*The Gospel of St. Luke*

By the *Rev. HENRY BURTON, M.A.*

|Full of vivid illustration and fresh, bright
exposition.| -- Record.

|In the unfolding of truth Mr. Burton writes as a poet. There is glow and colour and melody in his descriptions. Often there are passages of great beauty.| -- Methodist Recorder.

*The Book of Isaiah Chapters* XL. to LXVI.

By the *Rev. Prof. G. ADAM SMITH, M.A., D.D.*

|A work of no ordinary merit; indeed, it is but rare that such exegetical power and mature scholarship are united with an ease of style and a fertility of modern illustration that leave but little to desire.| -- Speaker.

Fourth Series.

Subscription Price, *24s.* Separate Volumes, *7s.6d.* each.

*The Gospel of St. John. Vol. I.*

By the *Rev. Prof. MARCUS DODS, D.D.*

|Dr. Dods' exposition, besides being characterised by all the literary grace by which his previous works are distinguished, is also thoroughly evangelical in tone, without, however, being at all narrow; while the arguments which this portion of Scripture so powerfully suggests in proof of the divinity of Christ are handled in such a way as will carry them home to all who accept the narrative as authentic.| -- Scotsman.

*The Acts of the Apostles. Vol. I.*

By the *Rev. Prof. G. T. STOKES, D.D.*

|One of the most valuable contributions to the history of the Primitive Church that have appeared within recent years.| -- Dundee Advertiser.

*The Book of Leviticus*

By the *Rev. S. H. KELLOGG, D.D.*

|The relation of law and gospel is grandly exhibited, and a difficult portion of Holy Writ explained in detail and with power.| -- Christian.

|He has certainly succeeded in investing with fresh interest this old book of laws.| -- Scotsman.

*The Book of Proverbs*

By the *Rev. R. F. HORTON, M.A., D.D.*

|Ably and freshly written.| -- Church Times.

|A book which may be read by all with pleasure and profit, and which, by ministers of all orders, may be taken as a model of one kind of expository teaching.| -- Christian World.

|The expositor has done his work in a most masterly fashion.| -- Glasgow Herald.

*The Epistles of St. James and St. Jude*

By the *Rev. A. PLUMMER, D.D.*, Master of University College, Durham.

|It is even a better piece of work than his former volume on the Pastoral Epistles. It contains everything that the student can desire by way of introduction to the two Epistles, while for those who read with an eye to the manufacture of sermons, or for their own edification, the doctrinal and moral lessons are developed in a style redolent of books, yet singularly easy and unaffected. Points of interest abound.| -- Saturday Review.

|A very able and interesting exposition.... An excellent example of Scriptural exegesis.| -- Academy.

*The Book of Ecclesiastes*

*With a New Translation.*

By the *Rev. SAMUEL COX, D.D.*

|The most luminous, original, and practical exposition of Ecclesiastes which is within the reach of ordinary English readers.| -- Speaker.

|Dr. Cox's work is likely to count as one of the most interesting of the many Interesting studies of which Ecclesiastes has been the basis.| -- Guardian.

Fifth Series.

Subscription Price, *24s.* Separate Volumes, *7s.6d.* each.

*The Epistles to the Thessalonians*

By the *Rev. Prof. JAMES DENNEY, D.D.*

|As an expositor we are able to say that Mr. Denney seems to have entered very fully into the spirit of the Apostle Paul, and to have succeeded in expressing very clearly, and impressing very forcibly, the general meaning of the Apostle's words.... It is a very ably written work, and one which is well calculated to make the Apostle's teaching in these two epistles more intelligible and more telling.| -- Scotsman.

*The Book of Job*

By the *Rev. R. A. WATSON, D.D.*, Author of |Gospels of Yesterday,| etc.

|Dr. Watson does not fall behind his predecessors in doing justice to this magnificent effort of Hebrew genius or inspiration. The opening scene on earth and the opening scene in heaven are brought before us with graphic power, and the problem raised by the situation of Job by the unmerited suffering of the good man stated and discussed with much force and philosophical insight. Dr. Watson has written with conspicuous ability and a thorough mastery of his subject.| -- Scotsman.

*The Gospel of St. John. Vol. II.*

By *Prof. MARCUS DODS, D.D.*

|Dr. Dods appears to us always to write with clearness and vigour.... He has the gift of lucid expression, and by means of apt illustrations he avoids the cardinal sin of dryness, so that the interest even of the general reader will not flag as he smoothly glides through these chapters.| -- Guardian.

*The Epistle to the Ephesians*

By the *REV. Prof. G. G. FINDLAY, B.A. D.D.*

|Every page shows that he has made a minute and careful examination of the text, while in every chapter there are inferences drawn and suggestions thrown out which will find their way into many sermons. They who know this Epistle best will be the first to acknowledge the value of Prof. Findlay's exposition.| -- Expositor.

*The Acts of the Apostles. Vol. II.*

By the *Rev. Prof. G. T. STOKES, D.D.*

|The second volume is as readable as the first, full of learning without a spice of pedantry.... The volume is highly to be commended for knowledge, sobriety, and manly piety.| -- Saturday Review.

*The Psalms. Vol. I.*


|Dr. Maclaren has evidently mastered his subject with the aid of the best authorities, and has put the results of his studies before his readers in a most attractive form; and if we add that his commentary really helps to the better understanding of the Psalms, that, far from degrading, it vivifies and illuminates these sublime stories, and that it is written in a charming style, very seldom tailing below the dignity of the subject, we believe we only give it the praise which is its due.| -- Scotsman.

Sixth Series.

Subscription Price, *24s.* Separate Volumes, *7s.6d.* each.

*The Epistle to the Philippians*

By the *Rev. Principal RAINY, D.D.*

|A piece of good and thorough work, the work of a sound and well-read expositor, and especially of an orthodox Scotch divine.| -- London Quarterly Review.

*The First Book of Kings*

By the *Very Rev. F. W. FARRAR, D.D. F.R.S.*, Dean of Canterbury.

|Dr. Farrar brings his versatile literary powers to bear upon these majestic and imposing scenes, with all his gifts of poetic description, his wealth of quotations, and his aptitude for picturesque comparisons.| -- Guardian.

*Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther*

By the *Rev. Prof. W. F. ADENEY, M.A.*

|Mr. Adeney has evidently grasped the whole story with clearness and force: his portraits are lifelike; he has all the instinct of the expositor in high development. It is no small triumph to have done so well with one of the least pictorial and fascinating of Old Testament histories.| -- Independent.

*The Book of Joshua*

By the *Rev. Prof. W. G. BLAIKIE, D.D., LL.D.*

|We have no hesitation in saying that for every-day working purposes expositors of the Book of Joshua will find this volume more helpful than many more critical and modernised works.... His expositions are usually fresh and interesting, and there is an eye for the practical in all he writes.| -- Glasgow Herald.

*The Psalms. Vol. II.*


|The volume is as attractive as the first, and shows throughout the same high qualities of penetration and spiritual sympathy. Its pages give abundant evidence of care, critical study, and acquaintance with the best that our most competent scholars have contributed to the exposition of the Psalms.| -- Critical Review.

*The Epistles of Peter*

By the *Rev. Prof. LUMBY, D.D.*, Cambridge.

|A sound and finely practical commentary.| -- Saturday Review.

|We have been impressed by the carefulness, fulness, and almost minuteness of the expositions which Dr. Lumby gives in this volume.| -- Literary World.

Seventh Series.

Subscription Price, *24s.* Separate Volumes, *7s.6d.* each.

*The Epistle to the Romans*

By the *Right Rev. HANDLEY C. G. MOULE, M.A., D.D.*, Lord Bishop of Durham.

|We do not hesitate to place it in the very front of the little group of volumes which are the best examples of this carefully edited work. It would be pleasant to linger upon this commentary, upon the clearness with which the great evangelical doctrines of the Epistle are explained and enforced, upon the earnestness of its personal appeal, and the charm which often marks its language; but the judicious student of the New Testament will obtain the book for himself.| -- Record.

*The Second Book of Kings*

By the *Very Rev. F. W. FARRAR, D.D. F.R.S.*, Dean of Canterbury.

|For a vivid picture of men and times, and a spirited account of the events which led to Israel's and Judah's downfall, with fine illustrative use of the contemporary writings of the prophets, his book is a distinct accession to the series.| -- Glasgow Herald.

*The Books of Chronicles*

By the *Rev. W. H. BENNETT, D.D.*, Professor of Old Testament Languages and Literature, Hackney and New Colleges.

|Readers of Mr. Bennett's contribution to 'Faith and Criticism' might expect that a book written wholly by him would be distinctive and original. But few could have foreseen that he would produce anything so illuminating, so broad, so powerful as this volume.| -- Daily Chronicle.

*The Second Epistle to the Corinthians*

By the *Rev. Prof. JAMES DENNEY, D.D.*, Author of |The Epistles to the Thessalonians,| etc,.

|Mr. Denney's commentary is a masterly one in every respect. Its exegesis of the text is exact and thorough; its use of the best expositors most helpful; its final conclusion generally convincing.| -- Methodist Times.

*The Book of Numbers*

By the *Rev. R. A. WATSON, D.D.*, Author of |Judges and Ruth,| etc.

|Dr. Watson's exposition may be commended as showing considerable insight into the deeper meanings of Scripture, and skill in applying them to the needs and conditions of modern life; ... his book is throughout scholarly in tone and earnestly written.| -- Scotsman.

*The Psalms. Vol. III.*


|With the exposition of the whole Psalter before us, we may say that for what it professes to be, the work is very well done, and there has been no falling off in the third volume from such an amount of excellence as was attained in the other two.| -- Guardian.


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