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Indian Methodist Hymn-book by Various

27 'TIS THE PROMISE OF GOD. G.H. 1-6 No. 5.


May-tcha a-yelokh-sthawmikh tokla Tchee-tchilth-See-am. O `kal al ta Jesus swas mellas tokla.

||: Hytch kwa Tchee-tchilth-See-am,
Ta-alsa `kal ta Jesus;
May-tcha a-yelokh-sthawmikh
Taswas sat-see-ul tokla- :||



1 'Tis the promise of God full salvation to give
Unto him who on Jesus, his son will believe.

||: Hallelujah, 'tis done!
I believe on the Son;
I am saved by the blood of the crucified one. :||

2 Tho' the pathway be lonely, and dangerous too,
Surely Jesus is able to carry me through.

3 Many loved ones have I in yon heavenly throng,
They are safe now in glory and this is their song.

4 Little children I see standing close by their king, And He smiles as their song of salvation they sing.

5 There's a part in that chorus for you and for me And the theme of our praises forever shall be.

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