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Indian Methodist Hymn-book by Various

4 COME THOU FOUNT. Can. Hym'l, No. 218.


Maytla Jesus ska telth-le-melth,
Ewis-tawlokh ta sawlth staylim;
Sta-a kwo stawlo taswas ay-e skwilawal,
Owe-awts ma-tatsel whimay ta-alsa.

Al stlay ta Jesus, hallelujah,
Al stlay ta Jesus osthayte tal skwell;
Al stlay ta Jesus, a-yelokh-sthawmikh,
Tokla Jesus stlays ta-alsa.

Talowa Jesus Christ tal stlay,
Ooli talowa Ay-e See-am;
Tsukh-wemit-tchuh tomuk salawa,
A-yelokh-tchuh towuk `kaw-`kie.



1 Come, thou Fount of every blessing,
Tune my heart to sing thy grace,
Streams of mercy never ceasing,
Call for songs of loudest praise.
I love Jesus, hallelujah, &c.

2 Teach me some celestial measure,
Sung by ransomed hosts above;
Oh, the vast, the boundless treasure,
Of my Lord's unchanging love.

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